Our Interventions

We carry a variety of emergency relief, early recovery and developmental interventions in Afghanistan. We tailor these to the needs and priorities of each targeted community, delivering interventions in an integrated way ensuring best outcomes for our beneficiaries. We currently work in the following sectors:

What our beneficiaries say

“With the support and guidance from DACAAR, everyone in my community built a latrine in their houses, and now we have a safe and clean environment”

Yar Mohammad, Beneficiary

“Vocational Training taught me how to sew clothes, it helped me to sew gowns for the nurses and doctors and provided me with a chance to sign a contract with a private hospital. Maryam from Herat”

Maryam , Maryam, Vocational Training Beneficiary.

“Before DACAAR built the pipe scheme we had to walk for 1.5 hours to fetch water and now we have 33 taps near our houses across the settlement.”

Abdul Raham, Community Leader at IDP settlement, Herat

“The vocational training taught me how to read and write.  Now when I take an order at work, I know how to write the customers’ names and that makes me very happy.”

Ajab Khan, Vocational training graduate, carpentry, Kabul

“Knowing the skill of carpet weaving is very useful because I can do it at home. Our neighbors keep asking me when DACAAR is going to start new classes.”

Farnush, vocational training graduate, carpet weaving, Herat

“I was so happy to start the class. I had no problems participating after DACAAR cleared all concerns of the village elders.”

Kafta, Vocational training graduate, bag-making, Herat

“I received this training from DACAAR for 7 months and really liked it. Now I have my own shop and earn up to seven thousand AFS per month.”

Mohammad, Vocational training graduate, mobile phone repair, Herat

“About 1000 families live here now in Jalilabad.  We have enough water to use for drinking, irrigation and all other needs. DACAAR’s help was amazing.”

Jalil, Malik, Chief of Jalilabad IDP settlement, Herat

“I am saving the money that I make and want to rent a shop and become self-sufficient. I want to rely on myself, I don’t want to borrow money from others again.”

Razia, Vocational training graduate, Pasta making, Herat

Message from our Director

Going into 2022 DACAAR would have been helping the Afghan people for over 38 years, and though those years seeing many dynamic changes, but what ever those have been we have stayed strong and concentrated on grass route support to the important needs of the community.

As I’m writing this we are again in a transition and for sure not knowing how long that will be, this transition has given us problems to overcome and we have had to ask staff to again show courage to carry on the important work we do. There are many things we cannot influence during this time but there are also many we can. Sometimes it is very hard to show the change and ripple effect our interventions have achieved but that support and effect are foundational and the resilience they achieve has never been more important.

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