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Kunduz: DACAAR Provides Safe Water and Hygiene Messages

Access to water is crucial for human survival, but unfortunately, many people around the Kunduz province lack this basic necessity. One such place is Gul Tapa District in Kunduz province, located in northern Afghanistan, where residents are facing a shortage of safe drinking water.

The people of Karim Khil Village in this district have been forced to use water from unsafe open wells and streams for drinking and other daily needs. As per Juma Khan, a resident of Karim Khil village, the lack of access to safe water has resulted in various water-borne diseases, including diarrhea. He mentioned that they didn't have any knowledge of hygiene awareness and didn't know how to cope with such diseases caused by unsafe water.

DACAAR implemented the Tube Well (TW) project in the aforementioned area with funding from DANIDA-ROI. The project started on May 1st, 2022, and ended on July 31st, 2023. The purpose of this project was to provide life-saving services such as access to potable water and protection from water-borne diseases and to promote a hygienic environment. DACAAR implemented this project by drilling tube wells and distributing hygiene messages. Juma Khan, a resident of the area, shared his experience, "Before the implementation of the TW project, we used the stream and open wells' water for drinking and other needs, which caused many diseases. However, now that we have access to safe water, the level of diseases has also reduced."

Khan further explained that individuals learned how to treat illnesses spread by water and became more aware of the significance of maintaining good cleanliness as a result of receiving hygiene messaging. He believes that both his life and the lives of the other villagers have changed for the better.
The recipients of the initiative conveyed their contentment with the results and suggested that DACAAR provide them with additional assistance in building the water supply and road networks.

It's great to hear that the hygiene messages disseminated by DACAAR have had a positive impact on the residents of Karim Khil Village. It's essential to raise awareness about the importance of hygiene to prevent water-borne diseases. It's also encouraging to know that the Tube Well project has provided safe drinking water to the villagers, resulting in a reduction in water-borne illnesses. The satisfaction expressed by the beneficiaries of the project is a testament to DACAAR's efforts in improving the lives of the people in Gul Tapa District. It's commendable that the villagers are seeking further assistance from DACAAR in constructing the roads and water supply networks.

Written by: Israrullah Sahil