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Stability is necessary to attain zero hunger because the prime cause is conflict

Conflict remains the fundamental driver of hunger in many areas of Afghanistan. Food and nutrition security is being seriously undermined to levels never before seen as a result of escalating armed conflicts, insecurity, and civil unrest.

Nazar Bibi is one of the casualties of nationwide conflict, in the eastern region of Afghanistan who was harmed in a causeless and unwarranted shooting and lost her leg.

They reside in the Nurgram District of the Nuristan Province in the remote village of Mamo; where the houses are muddy, yet life is loaded with worth and regard for one another. Sadly, poverty and disability have taken from them the delight of life.

Since her injury, she has struggled with hardship and poverty. Her family consists only three members. Despite having a very small family, due to her disability, she is not able to fulfill the basic necessities of her loved ones.

It seemed that she had lost hope. However, DACAAR has never let her lose faith in him. Moreover, showed up in her life as a brilliant mist. Assisted in providing food equivalent to ten thousand Afghans (10,000 AFN) through the CRLP project, which received funding from UNOPS. Which is expected to draw out individuals from neediness and work with them on the conveniences of life.

Although the referenced sum is less, yet, at the period of scarcity, it seems to be gold in a desert. At the hour of conveying of staple bundle, the recipient looked extremely fulfilled, and she had zero control over her emotions.

Nazar Bibi communicated her feelings, "We are needy individuals. We were without a source of income. I was miserable because a few evenings we experienced starvation; There was nothing to bake or cook. Presently, this makes a big difference to us at this moment; furthermore, it will fulfill our needs for some time"

Nazar Bibi stated that this project was very important to them and that receiving the aforementioned package from DACAAR has made her feel wealthy and relaxed. And anticipates that DACAAR will expand its project to other areas in their region.



Written by: Israrullah Sahil