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DACAAR Assistance was Beneficial in Changing People's Attitudes

Due to insecurity during the past 20 years, Kunduz, a northeastern province of Afghanistan, is even known as the country’s hive and is considered to be beyond the pale in the eyes of the government and humanitarian agencies, Kalbaad is newly formed and is one of the poorest districts of Kunduz province.

The residents of Tazalaqi Larkhabi village situated in Kalbaad district have struggled with a variety of life’s challenges. Their lives have been accompanied by severe destitution. There are fewer amenities in this remote area than elsewhere.

After seeing of difficult conditions of this place, someone will never forget it. Because the conditions of the mentioned area are very tough, complex, and profoundly dire. The majority of people have been suffering from various illnesses including the flu, diarrhea, pruritus, etc. These were all the result of a lack of knowledge regarding hygiene and the significance of maintaining a healthy environment. However, People live in this toxic atmosphere and under these conditions.

DACAAR made contact with this community and identified and assessed their needs. With the funding of ECHO (European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations) DACAAR set out on an ambitious mission and carried out an "ECHO – HWR" project to bring the gift of healthy, clean, life-sustaining water, environment, and life conditions to the resilient souls of Tazalaqi Larkhabi village, benefiting a staggering 110 families.

Through this project, which started on May 01, 2023, and is scheduled to end on April 30, 2024, DACAAR constructed a water supply network for 110 families in the hamlet of Tazalaqi Larkhabi, a pipe scheme, BSF (Bio-Sand Filter), and EBL (Emergency bath and latrine). Additionally, the residents received training on good hygiene practices and were made aware of the environment for disinfection and medical treatment.

Tash Bay a well-known comedian and celebrity reported that they have received a hygiene standard kit (23 items), and three rounds of hygiene awareness sessions which had a positive impact on their health and behavior.

" Now, we are washing our hands with soap, and we are feeling safe. This is the first time that a toothbrush is given to my children, and they are using it every night. Now they are healthy and are going to school every day." said Tash Bay.

He further added that they will consider hygiene as an essential component of their life in addition to supporting the project. They will also share hygiene messages with their family members, relatives, and friends.

The people living in the aforementioned community expect that DACAAR will expand its initiatives, particularly its health and hygiene campaigns to other villages of the district.


Written by: Israrullah Sahil