Small Scale Enterprises development (SSED) is one of DACAAR’s thematic areas of intervention aimed at creating opportunities for employment and income for the most vulnerable Afghans through vocational skills and establishments of small enterprises such as producer associations, and income groups. Enayatullah lives in Qarghayee district of Laghman province. He is 19 years old. For many years, Enayatullah has been worried that he may not be able to have good income to support his needy family, because he is illiterate. Enayatullah and his family have lived a hard life; they returned from Pakistan and had to start everything from zero. He and his father tried to find a permanent job but to no avail. One day he was very depressed and sitting in the corner of the village masque when his friend Ahmad Khan joined him. Ahmad Khan, noticing the depressed look in Enayatullah asked him what is wrong and “if there is anything that I can help with”. Enayatullah told Ahmad Khan about his problem and asked him if there is any way he can help him find a job. Ahmad Khan told Enayatullah that he may be able to help. Then he told him about DACAAR’s various vocational training activities such as motorbike and generator repairing, refrigerator repairing, tailoring, etc in the area. Ahmad Khan also told him how important it is to have some sort of a skill if one wants to have a reasonable job and as such good income. Enayatullah was very pleased to know that there are several choices of training available and pondering the prospects of starting his own business made him feel optimistic. Ahmad Khan was also one of the trainees of the vocational skills and have already established his own tailoring shop. At the end of the conversation with Ahmad Khan, Enayatullah has already made up his mind. Afternoon prayers started and both friends stood still as the Mullah started reciting with a low voice. Enayatullah felt as the mosque was suddenly more spacious around him. It was a good feeling thinking that finally there is a way to end his dilemma. Six months later, Enayatullah’s name was called as he sat in his best attire among several men of his own age. It was the graduation ceremony of vocational skills training programme. The district governor and many district authorities, DACAAR staff as well as community elders were present. Also present was a very happy and hopefull Ainuddin – Enayatullah’s father. Enayatullah was handed his certificate for successfully completing six months internship in motorcycle repairing. More importantly, he also already had a job offer to work as an assistant in a motorcycle repairing shop. Six months on, Enayatullah saved enough money and gained sufficient experience to start his own motorcycle repair shop in his own village Charbagh. To cope with the work load, he had to later hire two trainees as besides motorcycles, he started repairing power generators and water pumps. Today, Enayatullah runs one of the most successful motorbike repairing shops in his district. Thanks to his hard work and his dedication to change his life for better. By: Ahmad Rameen Alizai