Researches and studies

We are happy to share our over 30-year experience and knowledge acquired within relief and development work for the Afghan people.

Number Name
1 TOWARDS THE TRIPLE NEXUS – Toolkit on Afghanistan’s NPP, SDGs, and Triple Nexus
2 Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Ghazni and Maidan
3 Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Panjsher Province
4 Geophysical Study in Sholgara Returnee village
5 Geophysical Study in Tangi Returnee Camp
6 Geophysical Survey at Qezel Kand Village
7 Geophysical Survey in Camp Sakhi Town
8 Geophysical Survey in Cheheldukhtran (Maya Khil) village
9 Geophysical Survey in Kochi Abad Village
10 Geophysical Survey in Sarband-I-Haji Talabai Village
11 Community Based Maintenance System – English
12 National Study on Water Point Functionality and Water
13 Integrated Groundwater Study in Astana Valley
14 Integrated Groundwater Study in Jalaier Valley
15 Groundwater Resources at Risk in Afghanistan
16 Geophysical Survey in Welayaty Village
17 Groundwater natural resources and quality concern in Kabul Basin
18 Quality of Water Suitable for Irrigation November 2011
19 Report on well site selection and construction for National October 2008
20 Vertical Electrical Sounding f or Groundwater study November
21 Study On Water Quality Status with Respect to Fluoride Contamination
22 UNHCR Public Drinking Water Points Analyzed Water Quality Data Evaluation
23 Vertical Electrical Sounding for Groundwater Assessment
24 Vertical Electrical Sounding for Groundwater Study
25 Warning Signal on the Reduction and Depletion of Natural Groundwater Resources July 2013
26 Water Resources Potential
27 Abstruct_Arsenic contamination of groundwater in Ghazni and Maidan Wardak