Welcome to DACAAR’s website!

Going into 2022 DACAAR would have been helping the Afghan people for over 38 years, and though those years seeing many dynamic changes, but what ever those have been we have stayed strong and concentrated on grass route support to the important needs of the community.

As I’m writing this we are again in a transition and for sure not knowing how long that will be, this transition has given us problems to overcome and we have had to ask staff to again show courage to carry on the important work we do. There are many things we cannot influence during this time but there are also many we can. Sometimes it is very hard to show the change and ripple effect our interventions have achieved but that support and effect are foundational and the resilience they achieve has never been more important.

We work closely with the communities which means we gain their trust and confidence and in doing so we have carried on through these latest challenges with little disturbance in programing implementation while ensuring staff safety. Credit goes to our strong national base and once again proves that our nationalization process has worked well.

I would like to thank the strong confidence that has been shown from our donors, this telling us and the Afghan people they will not be forgotten and in turn showing their willingness to carry on with their support, but also stepping up and reaching out to us in getting information in how the best way that can be done. Open and honest dialogue and inclusion on finding the best path forward has never been more important and with the help from them and close coordination from our Copenhagen HQ I am sure this will get stronger and improve even more.

As always, I would like to end this in confirming how proud I am in this position as director of DACAAR, representing the strong Afghan DACAAR team standing side by side with the Afghan people. We will continue to do that as long as they need us and continue on relying on our communities for access, inclusion, and quality intervention to make sure we achieve our goals to the best of our ability.

A huge thanks to all those supporting us along the way.

Best wishes

John Morse