Welcome to DACAAR’s website!

Afghanistan is going through challenging times. Ordinary Afghans continue to take the brunt of an un-ending conflict that not only has a high human and material toll but also denies many people the opportunity to develop and prosper.

Within this context and as an NGO that has stood side-by-side with the Afghan people for more than three decades, we continue to strive in reaching out to Afghans where the need is greatest and where we can make the most significant difference.

We work hard to place our beneficiaries’ needs, priorities and concerns at the centre of our work.

DACAAR’s deep roots in the Afghan society help us to succeed, maintain good quality and engage in continuous learning and experimenting to deliver the best humanitarian and developmental assistance that the Afghan people so deserve.

Long-standing expertise gained from our interventions is key to the positive impact of our programmes. We invest in strengthening DACAAR’s national capacity and work hard to establish close links with relevant authorities, umbrella coordination mechanisms and other interventions to help build on Afghanistan’s capabilities as a country.

Recently, we welcomed the expansion of our board from two to three members and the opening of an independent secretariat in Copenhagen in new premises.

I continue to be very proud to represent DACAAR and my colleagues in the task of making Afghanistan a better place and giving its citizens a better future which I believe we can achieve with all your help.

A huge thanks to all those supporting us along the way.

Best wishes

John Morse