On the occasion of World Peace Day, we talked to a few of our beneficiaries on what they will do if/when peace comes to the country.

“I was in school when the fighting started and we could hear the sound of planes, rockets and bullets. Our school was burned in the fighting and we had to run for our lives. Now because of fear, we can’t go to school, mosque or Madrasa to learn something. If peace comes, we will again be able to start our schools.” Ehsanullah, who was displaced from Qadis district.


Noor Mohammad
“Peace for me is like water for a thirsty person. I am praying everyday for the peace to come; my life is ruined in this war. I don’t want that to happen for my children and grandchildren.” Noor Mohammad, a 76-years-old beneficiary who was displaced from Kandahar into Helmand province due to ongoing war.


Fazil Mahmmod

“If peace comes, we will be able to work and our children’s future will become better.” Fazil Mahmmod, a 60-years-old beneficiary, displaced from Kandahar province.


“I lost my both brothers in the war. They were both sitting next to our house when a rocket killed both of them. If peace comes, I will no longer have to live here in this damaged house among mice and roaches. I will go back to my village and will start working and will live better.” Dilkhwa, who is the head of 8-member family from Badghis


“My two daughters were married, one of my daughters lost his husbands during the ongoing conflict and the other’s husband is missing we don’t know where he is. Now, as a male member of the family, I have the responsibility of both of them and their small children. Despite old age, I have to beg to support them. I spent my young age in the military serving this country so no one knows the worth of peace as much as I do.” Abdulhay, a 60 years old beneficiary who is displaced from Khashrod district in Nimruz province.


“I lost my husband in the war and was displaced here. My oldest son is 12. He collects plastic garbage but since he is small he can only make 10-15 AFN in a day that is not enough to feed us. My best wish is that peace comes to my country so that we can again go to our village and to live again.” Said Sabera, mother of 4 children who is a conflict IDP in Nimruz province.


“The plane bombarded my village, we have had to rent cars to come here. Now our life is very difficult under the tent. In the summer we can’t go to sleep because of mosquitoes and in the winter because of the cold weather. If we find something we eat if not, we sleep with empty stomach. If they say that peace is coming one hour after that you will not see me here. I will go back to my village and will stay there no matter if I am hungry there or not.” Said Ramazan a 63 years old beneficiary who is the head of the 6-member family. He was displaced from Doab Farse to Herat city and is now living in an IDP settlement.


“I don’t believe in ceasefire until complete peace. We were displaced three times from our village but this time was the longest. When I went back to my village to inspect after three months everything was destroyed and the village turned into a battlefield. One of my sisters become mentally ill because of this conflict. I am praying everyday that peace comes so we end this displacement and paying to stay in others’ houses.” Najeebullah who is displaced from Ghorshakh village in ShahreNaw village in Pulkhomry- Baghlan province


“Peace is a dream! We ask both the Government and the Taliban to reach an agreement so that our children don’t die, women are no longer widowed and children don’t lose their parents. I sent my 18 years old son to Iran to work and send us money after we were displaced because of war, but he died in an accident and now we have nothing to eat and no one to support us.” Tajuddin, head of a 5-member family who was displaced from Imam Sahib district in Kunduz province.


Mohammad Nasir
“Peace will enable us to work and to start living a better life. I can’t go back to my village because nothing is left. I brought my family here with lots of difficulties we had no water, no food and no place to live. We were out on the streets. When people saw our dire situation, they helped us erected a tent for us to live in.” said Mohammad Nasir, a 42 years old beneficiary


Musa, a 64-years-old beneficiary head of 8 family members he was displaced from Maimana- Qaisar district


In the photo, three friends Basir Ahmad age 7, Faiz Mohammad age 6, and Azizullah age 8 are standing next to tents in Zheray district Dasht village displaced from Arghestan district Noor Mohammad village


Sardar Wali, a 5-year-old child who was displaced due to conflict in Arghestan district of Kandahar province. He is now living in Zheray district of Kandahar province with his 9-member family.
Idress, a 10-years-old child standing in an IDP camp in Qala-e-Naw district of Badghis province.


Conflict IDP children fetching water for their families. Having access to safe and clean drinking water is a major problem for majority of families who live in displacement


By: DACAAR ERM provincial Team
Contribution: Zohal Nasrat, Irshad Alamyar