More than twenty days have passed since the floods flattened their homes, destroyed all they had and left them in the middle of mud and stones. Most families are still in shock and disbelief.

“It was raining and as soon as I came out to the street, there was a horrible sound. I said to my neighbor, who was standing by, that it was flood, but he said it can’t be. As the sound became closer and louder, we shouted at everyone inside to run.” Said Hajiragha, who lost his mother and brother’s wife on 26 August in Parwan province.

Families did not only lose their homes and livelihoods but also their loved ones. A few were also severely injured. “My mother served me as both my mother and father. I have never met my father as he died before I was born. It was time for me to serve my mother, but she is no more…” Hajiragha added.

With funding from European Commission Humanitarian Aid (ECHO), DACAAR provides flood-affected families with hygiene education on how to keep themselves and their family members safe and healthy during this natural disaster. DACAAR also delivers the families clean water for drinking and household use in addition to plastic garbage bags, and emergency baths and latrines. 1,271 flood-affected families are regularly receiving this assistance in Parwan province and this will continue for 2 months until the families are able to pass the period of shock and start to rebuild their lives.

“My father, mother, grandfather, grandmother and two sisters died. One of my sisters is still missing.” said Amina, a young female who is now the head of a 5-member family.

The majority of flood-displaced families are still seeking shelter and are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. “I received a small tent for me, my brother and his one and half years old daughter, where we are living now. We are receiving oil, wheat and food items, but no one thought about how we can cook meals – at the moment we have no place and kitchenware for cooking food.” mentioned Hajiragha.

The International Office of Migration’s (IOM) initial information indicated that flash flood of 26th August 2020 severely affected more than two thousand families, killing at least 145 and injuring 167 in addition to severe damages to private houses, agricultural land and public infrastructure. Charikar city in Parwan province was one of the most affected locations among the 11 provinces where flash floods were reported.

By: Zohal Nasrat
Contributions: Irsahd Alamyar