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Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project (CCAP)

We are a facilitating partner in the Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project, a national flagship of the Afghan Government that aims at helping low-income communities to get a minimum level of core services. Community Development Councils that were established as part of the now completed National Solidarity Program are used as the platform and partner for line agencies to plan, manage and improve local-level service delivery.

Uniting communities, reducing poverty

The Citizens’ Charter aims to build united villages, urban communities and cities improving the relationship between the Government and its people and reducing poverty by providing basic services.

By channelling resources and support, the Government ensures the means to develop villages and urban communities and the Community Development Councils lead the development process and make sure that all men, women, and children are included in development initiatives and activities.

Rural and urban communities participate in planning of the projects, monitoring progress and the Government’s provision of the minimum services. Simultaneously,, Community Development Councils and their sub-committees work with various groups, including low-income families, to learn together and identify critical issues that prevent development or the uplift of certain groups and collectively find ways to address these obstacles.

Partnering with 850 communities

We are the Facilitating Partner for 850 communities in the Eastern Provinces of Laghman, Kunar and Nuristan Provinces.

Our role is a.o. extensive community mobilisation, facilitating the election of Community Development Council leadership and establishment of sub-committees and clusters.

We assist in capacity building on project management, proposal development, conflict resolution, finance & accounting, procurement, monitoring and other relevant areas.